Private & semi-private tours in and around Madrid

We suggest that you…

1- Ensure your hotel has been rated highly by many guests

2- Consider this website for good prices and genuine reviews

Where to Stay in Madrid


madrid-hotelIt’s difficult to suggest one hotel that would be perfect for everyone, but through years of speaking to our guests we were able to prepare a list of the most recommended places – please see further down the page for that.

If you are thinking about booking your hotel online then we particularly like this website. This is because they guarantee the best price + sometimes they offer free cancellations with as little as 1-2 days notice while most websites charge a minimum of at least 1 night for cancellations.

If you are a group of 8 persons or more however, and you book at least one service with us, then we will be happy to contact the hotel on your behalf and get a discount for you as part of our service to you (assuming you haven’t booked it yet – we can’t do much if you’ve booked it already).  As a licensed Tour Operator we can obtain discounted rates from most hotels in Spain and will be happy to pass this discount to you as our guests.  If you are interested, please email us with your group size, dates required, and the type of accommodation you prefer. We are happy to help!

Lastly, we have also prepared a map of the areas in Madrid where you need to be extra careful.  These areas are where most pickpockets happen and it would be wise to exercise caution and take extra care of your belongings.  Click here to see the map, and you can also type in the name of your hotel in Madrid and see where it is located in relation to these areas.

Here are some good options on where to best stay in Madrid:

(sorted by price)

For hotels in the price range of $100+:

For hotels in the price range of $200+:

For hotels in the price range of $300+:


We wish you a pleasant stay and a good night’s sleep!

We hope to see you in Madrid soon.